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Bystander Tallahassee

CLIENT: City of Tallahassee

Tallahassee, FL Partners With “Apps For Good” Firm Quadrant 2 on Tallahassee Bystander, an App Documenting Interactions With Police

(New York City, NY, August 24, 2021)—In an international first, the City of Tallahassee, Florida has partnered with a New York-based tech firm to launch Tallahassee Bystander, an app that enables people to document their interactions with its police officers on their mobile devices. The interactions are automatically sent to their emergency contacts, as well as an independent server, ensuring data integrity even if the mobile device is seized or destroyed.

The app will be available for Tallahassee residents to download and use in their community from August 24. This is the first time a city administration has worked with a tech firm to launch an app like this to build transparency and trust between people and the police. Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey describes the effort as a way of keeping the city’s promise to Black Lives Matter protesters.

Quadrant 2 created the first video bystander apps including the Mobile Justice apps for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which have been installed over a million times since 2012. These apps encourage users to record their encounters with public officials and law enforcement officers and stream them to their closest contacts and local ACLU branch.

Quadrant 2 CEO Jason Van Anden also built Stop-And-Frisk-Watch in 2012, following criticism of the racially-based New York practice for which it is named. Stop-And-Frisk-Watch traces its roots to Mr. Van Anden’s 2011 app, “I’m Getting Arrested”, which he created for protesters during Occupy Wall Street, and which put Quadrant 2’s name in the national spotlight.

Van Anden said, “We have come a long way from the dismissive response we received when we released ‘Stop and Frisk Watch’ in 2012 . Today, in 2021, I am so proud and honored that a local government would choose to pursue truth, justice and accountability, rather than try to cut down those efforts. In listening to its community, the City of Tallahassee proves itself a model for responsive city governments everywhere.”

About Quadrant 2

Quadrant 2 develops and deploys apps for good. In 2011, Quadrant 2 released I’m Getting Arrested, the first mobile panic button app, that enabled Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to alert friends and family in the event they were arrested. In 2012, Quadrant 2 developed Stop and Frisk Watch, a tool used to video document and monitor the New York City Police Department’s controversial practice. This evolved into the Bystander’s Rule platform that supports various Quadrant 2 apps such as Mobile Justice and Migracam for the ACLU.

Quadrant 2 developed Workit in 2016, an AI Chatbot that serves as a virtual union representative to the 1.3 million non-unionized Walmart employees. This platform now supports labor organizations worldwide. Migracam, software enabling immigrant communities to record encounters with ICE Officers was released in 2017 for the ACLU’s Center for Border Rights.

Most recently, Quadrant 2 released Jotto, a video documentation app that enables activists to instantly record and send videos to a secure private channel using their Android or Apple devices. Jason Van Anden cooperatively taught a course on Social Justice Entrepreneurship with acclaimed media theorist, Prof. Douglas Rushkoff, at Queens College (CUNY).

Mobile Justice

CLIENT: ACLU State Affiliates

Record, Report and Connect with Mobile Justice, one of Quadrant 2’s Bystanders Rule! apps. Mobile Justice lets you record police misconduct and report it to a local ACLU affiliate. With Mobile Justice, you can record and report police abuse, share information with other users and get updates from your local ACLU affiliates.



People living in immigrant communities need a way to notify their family members and friends if detained in a raid or traffic stop, as well as to know their rights in critical moments if encountered by CBP or ICE. A mobile app designed to help people living in immigrant communities instantly record incidents and stream them live to a customized list of emergency contacts.

In the media

"The main focus is to provide people a tool to alert their family members if something is happening and the second is having that option to share [the video] with us if that's what they want."

Cynthia Pompa, Fast Company, Read more


CLIENT: United for Respect

Walmart workers needed transparency and support regarding company policies, information previously only accessible on a manager's computer using a private system called "the wire." This proved difficult for employees to research company policy on issues like harassment and sick time. In collaboration with Our Walmart and using IBM's Watson, we built a platform designed for civic engagement where Walmart employees can get their questions about policies answered.

In the media

"Being unable to access policy online when you are at work makes it difficult to know when you are breaking policy — or understand how managers are using policies against you", said Mississippi Walmart worker Joanna Chambers. "Through the WorkIt app, we're amplifying the strength of OUR Walmart networks."

Buzzfeed, Read more

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