Picture of CEO

Jason Van Anden

Founder and Chief Technologist

About Jason

Jason Van Anden is an artist, inventor, and software developer who builds apps to promote social justice. His company, Quadrant 2 has produced some of the most well known apptivist tools.

In 2011, Quadrant 2 released I’m Getting Arrested, the first mobile panic button app, that enabled Occupy Wall Street demonstrators to alert friends and family in the event they were arrested. In 2012 Van Anden developed Stop and Frisk Watch, a tool used to video document and monitor the New York City Police Department’s controversial practice. This evolved into the Bystander’s Rule platform that supports various Quadrant 2 apps such as Mobile Justice and Migracam for the ACLU.

Quadrant 2 developed Workit in 2016, an AI Chatbot that serves as a virtual union representative to the 1.3 million non-unionized Walmart employees. This platform now supports labor organizations worldwide. Migracam, software enabling immigrant communities to record encounters with ICE Officers was released in 2017 for the ACLU’s Center for Border Rights.

Most recently, Quadrant 2 released Jotto, a video documentation app that enables activists to instantly record and send videos to a secure private channel using their Android or Apple devices. Jason co-developed and teaches a course on Social Justice Entrepreneurship with acclaimed media theorist, Prof. Douglas Rushkoff, at Queens College (CUNY).

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